51st Prague Go Tournament,

Old Hunter's Cup,

Korean Ambassador Cup.

29th April–1st May 2023

Official Tournament Drink

Old Hunter's Reserve

About the Tournament

We welcome players of all strengths in one of the most prestigious tournaments in Europe! In contrast to previous years, the tournament will have 6 rounds spanning 3 days in 2023.

The prize budget will be a generous sum of over 10 000€. The tournament will also be included in European Grand Prix 2023 as a Bonus Point Tournament Level-B.


  • January 2023: We will also hold a side-tournament for children and fast players! Details to be added later.
  • January 2023: Thanks to our awesome sponsors, the prizemoney will be over 10 000 EUR!
  • December 2022: getting ready for next year's tournament, which will be held at 29.4.–1.5.2023.