52nd Prague Go Tournament,

Old Hunter's Cup,

26–28 April 2024

Official Tournament Drink

Old Hunter's Reserve


  • April 23. 2024: We are getting ready! See You soon!
  • January 11. 2024: Registration open!
  • January 8. 2024: Tournament accommodation deal opened, see Site and Accommodation Details »
  • January 2024: getting ready for this year's tournament, which will be held on 26.-28.4.2024.

About the Tournament

We welcome players of all strengths in one of the most prestigious tournaments in Europe! The tournament will have 6 rounds spanning 3 days in 2024.

The prize budget will be a generous sum of over 10 000€. The tournament will also be included in European Grand Prix 2024 as a Bonus Point Tournament Level-B.

Past results

2023, 2022, 2021.